Denver Area Net List

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Members of the Rocky Mountain Radio League (RMRL) have benefits. Membership will give you the authorization codes to connect to IRLP nets from around the world.  (Be sure to ask if the frequency is in use before connecting.)  See the Home page for nets held on the RMRL repeaters.

Day Time Net Frequency PL Notes
Daily 0630 Colorado Weather Net 146.940- 103.5 HF on 3.945MHz And 3.989 on HF. This net has been sanctioned by the National Weather Service. On the air since 1955, dedicated hams with good weather equipment track Colorado’s volatile weather as a public service. New volunteers welcome.
Daily 0800 Worldwide Friendship Net 145.340- 103.5 Open to all licensed radio amateurs anywhere in the world. Please use standard ITU phonetics to check in. The 145.340- is RMRL auto-connected to IRLP 9617.
Daily 1200 The High Noon Net 7.240 MHz
Daily 1215 Hazardous Weather Net 449.225- 141.3 Hazardous Weather Net carried on UHF and now on RMRL’s DMR repeater: 449.750, time slot 1, talkgroup 310815
Daily 1215 Hazardous Weather Net DIGITAL 449.750 time slot 1, talkgroup 310815 Hazardous Weather Net carried on RMRL’s DMR repeater: 449.750, time slot 1, talkgroup 310815
Daily 1830 Colorado Emergency Reporting Net 145.310- 88.5 Gather and coordinate volunteers to be monitoring the Colorado Connection for emergency traffic. Volunteers sign up for a particular hour and are available to handle emergency traffic should it occur.
Daily 1900 Colorado Traffic Net 145.310- 88.5 Colorado Traffic Net website.
Daily 1930 Colorado Columbine Net 3.989 MHz Covers the Western U.S.
Sun 0800 ARES Statewide Net 3.810 MHz LSB This Net is in addition to the Statewide ARES net on VHF at 0830. Alternates are 3 up, 3 down, 6 up, 6 down.
Sun 0900 Colorado Repeater Association 145.460- 107.2 Linked 224.980-, 145.160-, 145.460-, Swap List
Sun 0930 ARES Region 1 District 2 146.640- 100.0 Arapahoe County. Backup 146.880-
Sun 1000 Six-Meter Invitational Net 53.050- 107.2
Sun 1800 Colorado RACES Statewide Net 3990.5 KHz LSB Early check-ins taken
Sun Temporarily Suspended BARC Jr. Hams Net 145.340- 103.5 The RMRL carries the BARC Jr. net on its 145.340- repeater for young hams in the Denver area. Stay and chat with your friends after the net. In Boulder, listen on the 146.700- with a 100 Hz PL Tone. (Still available on the 146.700.)
Sun 1900 Castle Rock Rptr Group 146.670- 100.0 CRRG
Sun 1900 Radops 146.985- 100 Shriners
Sun 1900 APRS Net 145.460- 107.2 Packet APRS System
Sun 1900 Rocky Mountain Neighborhood 3.805 MHz LSB Weekly Roundtable Open to All
Sun 1930 Intermountain Repeater Group 145.280- Linked with 449.525-
Sun 2000 ARES Statewide Net 145.310- 88.5
Sun 2000 Rocky Mountain Monitoring Net 145.460- 107.2 Scanners & Frequencies – Linked 224.980-, 145.160-
Sun 2030 Denver Radio Club 145.490- 100.0 Linked to 448.625- Alt. 147.330 (tone 100)
Mon 1830 NCARC TechNet 447.275- 141.3 Northern Colorado Amatuer Radio Club tech net
Mon 1900 Society of Broadcast Engineers’ HAMnet 449.450- 103.5 The net is also carried on IRLP (reflector 9615), Echolink (96150), and Allstar (27405). You can contact Jack at  
Mon 1930 Denver Water Amateur Radio Club 147.210+ 100.0 Open to all.
Mon 2000 ARES Region 1 District 3 146.760- 100.0 Broomfield and Boulder.
Mon 2000 Colorado QRP Club 145.460- 107.2 Those in Boulder can tune into 145.460 while Colorado Springs can use 145.160.
Mon 2000 Rocky Mountain VHF+ Net 144.220 Upper Side Band
Mon 2030 RMRL Weekly On-Air Meeting and Net 146.940- 103.5 Linked 449.450-, 449.825-. Check-ins, news, swaplist.
Mon 2030 Parker Radio Association D-STAR Net 446.850- DV PRA XReflector, XRF223. Requires a D-Star capable radio or appropriate computer accessories.
Tue 1900 TechConnect Net 145.145- 107.2 285 TechConnect Radio Club
Tue 1900 Denver ARES Region 1, District 4 146.670- 100 Serving the City and County of Denver and the American Red Cross Regional Office. Backup repeater is the 147.21+ (100 Hz tone). No net the last Tuesday of the month.
Tue 1900 Astronomy Net 146.940- 103.5 146.940- and 449.825-. Connecting to 28368 (Allstar) and (*CANONCTY*) Echolink conference server. Also carried on the 447.975 in Canon City and the 447.275 in Pueblo. Since 1996. KI0AR Website
Tue 2000 Edge of Space Sciences 145.460- 107.2 145.160 MHz in Colorado Springs. High Altitude Balloons
Tue 2000 Parker Radio Association Net 448.675- 100.0 Parker Radio Association
Wed 1900 Masonic Fellowship 146.985- 100.0
Wed 1930 ARRL Rocky Mountain Division 145.340- 103.5
Wed 1930 The Learning Net (open to ALL) 145.490- 448.625- (Linked) 100.0 (No Net 3rd Wed. of the month due to the DRC meeting.) Links to info and past topics.
Wed 1930 Simplex Net 146.550 PEN (Preparedness Educational Network)
Wed 2000 Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery Net 146.940- 103.5 Also on the 449.825/103.5 Open to all licensed radio amateurs. Please use standard ITU phonetics to check in. Colorado 4×4 Rescue and Recovery.
Wed 2000 Aurora Repeater Association 147.150+ 100.0 Linked 224.740, 448.850-, Swap
Thu 1800 Red Cross Net 145.310- 88.5 First Thursday of every month.
Thu 1900 American Red Cross DMR Net Rocky Mountain Wide talk group 3rd Thursday of the month. (This is in addition to the 1st Thursday VHF net on the Colorado Connection. It doesn’t replace it.)
Thu 1930 The Pet Net 145.340- 103.5 For all pet lovers, whether you have a dog, cat, snake, or goat. Have fun connecting with other pet parents. Facebook page. Additional connectivity: thank you to N0STY and the for connecting IRLP 9618, Echolink *FRIENDS* conf 29618.
Thu 1930 CARBBN Mesh Net 145.460- 107.2 Net schedule
Thu 1930 ARES Region 1 District 6 146.940- 103.5 ARES Region 1 District 6: Clear Creek, Gilpin, and Jefferson Counties. Except the third Thursday of the month.  Backup repeater is the 147.300, PL 103.5 Hz.
Thu 2000 ARES Region 1 District 5 448.425- 107.2 Douglas – Elbert Counties.  Except the fourth Thursday of the month.
Thu 2000 Colorado Connection Net 145.310- 88.5 Multi Linked – Covers most of Colorado
Thu 2030 Outdoor America USA Net 145.340- 103.5 145.340- connecting IRLP Node 335(0) with IRLP Ref. 9251. Please use Standard Amateur Call Sign phonetics to check in…wait to be recognized by the net controller. This is a camping, off-road, and outdoor preparedness net.
Thu 2030 SATERN (Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network) 145.490- 100.0 Linked to 448.625-
Fri 1930 YL Family Net 145.340- 103.5 A net for the entire amateur radio family, YLs, teens, and men. Third party check-ins welcome! YL Family Net. Additional connectivity: thank you to N0STY and the for connecting IRLP 9618, Echolink *FRIENDS* conf 29618.
Fri 2000 Nostalgia Net 145.490- 100.0 Linked to 448.625- Antique Radios, Fall and Winter
Fri 2100 ‘The Original’ San Diego Six Shooters Net 447.875- 107.2 San Diego Six Shooters Amateur Radio Club on the N6LXX repeater system
Sat 0930 Colorado Preparedness Net 145.310- 88.5 Colorado Preparedness Net covers a variety of topics. Facebook page
Second Saturday each month 1200 American Legion Net 145.340- 103.5 Connecting IRLP node 335(0) with ref: 9735. Please use Standard Amateur Call Sign phonetics to check in, giving your name, city, and state.

HF Nets

Please help keep this Denver area ham radio net listing up to date. Send updates/corrections to .