The Pet Net officially changes its name

The Pet Net for ham radio pet lovers
Join in the fun on the Pet Net every Thursday evening at 1900 hours (7:00 p.m. Denver time) .

It’s official – the Denver Area Pet Net is now … The Pet Net! Whether you have a dog, cat, snake, pig, or goat, have fun connecting with other pet parents. Facebook page. On the 146.940- linked with the 449.825- both with a CTCSS of 103.5.  Thanks to the connectivity provided by Mike, K0GURN0STY and the, and  Jeff, K0JSC, the net is now available far beyond the Greater Denver Metro Area.

Thank you Mike, K0GUR, for Allstar Node #29436 and Echolink K0GUR-R, thank you Jeff, K0JSC, for Echolink conference bridge *CANONCTY* and Allstar node 28368; and thank you to N0STY and the for connecting IRLP 9618, Echolink *FRIENDS* conf 29618, and Allstar FRIENDS hub 27408.